Fast answer questions


What is Colsbrew nitro cold brew coffee?

Carefully selected specialty coffee beans, locally roasted in Dubai. We grind down the beans and place them into large stainless steel brewing containers. We add purified water and let the extraction to take place within our temperature controlled certified facility. After 20hrs the Cold Brew is ready for canning. At this stage we infuse the Cold Brew with an exact dose of liquid Nitrogen to create the NITRO (Nitrogen) effect - creamy, smooth and silky cold brew coffee.

Best way to keep and open my NITRO?

Shake. Pour. Enjoy. Best served super chilled. To experience the full ColsBrew NITRO effect give your NITRO can a swift shake between 1 - 2 second, gently open (do not worry, it will NOT spray everywhere) and proceed with a hard pour into a clean dry glass. The cascade will take place leaving you with a perfect creamy draft top finish.  

what is cold brew?

Cold Brew is coffee beans ground down then fully submersed into ambient or temp controlled water for a specific amount of time. The water acts as a solvent and starts the chemical reaction or simply put the 'coffee extraction'. Depending on the variables of time and coffee used this will result in numerous outcomes in taste and quality. At ColsBrew we take our Cold Brew very seriously.

where can I buy it?

Right here online. Just clock the buy now OR you can visit any of our select stockists in the UAE.

can we stock colsbrew products in our cafe?

Interesting to be a ColsBrew select stockist? Give us a call or email and we will make it happen.

HOw much caffeine?

 ColsBrew Gold Label - 76mg per 100ml. Black Label - 114mg per 100ml. NITRO - 100mg per 100ml